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MIT Directory
Tiffany Alexander Teacher
J. Philip Asumbrado (562) 425-7441 ex: 4451 Teacher/ MIT Lead
Amy Becker ex: Rm. 703 MillikanSEGA and AP CSA Teacher
Christina Braswell Teacher
Karen Briggs Counselor
Gillian Collier (562) 425-7441 ex: 4210 Teacher
Christina Cox Science & AVID Teacher
John Fast Teacher
Paul Jenkins Teacher
Keith Ladd Teacher
Nancy Lopez-Hernandez Teacher
Kevin Marchael Teacher
Shana Wright (Meacham) Teacher
Sharna Murphy Teacher
Mark Pearson (562) 425-7441 ex: 4153 Graphic Design & Printmaking 1-2, 3-4, & 5-6
Alejandra Lopez Teacher
Michael Prado Teacher
Ronald Quintana (562) 425-7441 ex: 4261 Algebra and Precalculus teacher.
Pedro Ramirez Jr Teacher
Jeffrey Schofield Teacher
Ian Speece (562) 425-7441 ex: 4400 Teacher: Intensified Algebra/Accelerated Geometry
Thomas Sutfin Teacher
Monica Taylor Fitoussi ex: 4254 Teacher
Sandra Uchegbulam (562) 425-7441 ex: 4463 Teacher
Tu Yang Teacher
Susan Young (562) 425-7441 ex: 4287 Teacher
Daniel Yu Assistant Principal


MIT and SEGA kids photo

Why Should I pick MILLIKAN sega?

  • if you want to be a creator of technology instead of just a consumer;
  • if you enjoy creating with a computer or want to learn how;
  • if you want to learn coding and game development;
  • if you are interested in entering into competitions to challenge your skills;
  • if you would like to network with others who have the same interests;
  • if you enjoy using technology in all of your subject areas;
  • if you would like to get to know local technology industry professionals through job shadowing, or internships; and/or
  • you have an interest in making the world a better place, and want to use a computer to help you do it.

Women in technology

We not only encourage our female students to pursue technology-related careers, half of our teachers ARE females in technology-related careers.  50% of the SEGA/MIT Teachers are female.  We practice what we preach (not all teachers present below).

MIT/SEGA Staff 2019

Industry Partners

As a new pathway, we are very interested in creating industry partners that can help the students in our pathway to thrive.  We have created some key partnerships for field trips, internships, job shadows, and guest speakers. 

We are also interested in expanding our Technology Business Advisory Committee.  If you know of a professional or an organization that is interested in helping our students, please have them email Amy Becker, Teacher, at

In our first year, we have already partnered with several businesses including:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Your link to a world of trade


Millikan's new pathway of SEGA (Software Engineering and Gaming Academy)  is a college preparatory program with a focus on software engineering through the lens of video game development.

For More Info:

Contact Phil Asumbrado,

Lead Teacher for SEGA/MIT

or follow us on social media:

twitter logo@MillikanSEGA

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Hour of code

Where can my child receive tutoring?

There is tutoring after school in the Library, or with most teachers.  Check with your teachers for specifics.

students dissecting computer
Students researching how computers work.
fake news
Students learning about how to spot fake news.