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Our Staff:

Aimee Uresti

School Social Worker

562-425-7441 Ext.4462


Monday through Thursday




Room 703


Supportive Services

The Wellness Center is a safe and inclusive practice that supports the academic potential of students  through the promotion of social, emotional, and physical well-being. The Wellness Centers provides, (but not limited to) the following interventions and supportive services: 

10-15 min Brain Breaks

Lounge Area

Short Term Counseling Services (Individual/Group) 

Social Service Needs Assessments/Linkages 

Empowerment/Educational Workshops 

Peer Mentorship/Counseling 

Parent Support Groups 

Student and Family Advocacy & Case Management 

Special Interest Activities (Art, Mindfulness, Yoga) 

Basic Needs Closet (Snacks/Toiletries/School Supplies) 

Community Resources 

Classroom/Staff Presentations 


Wellness Center

Our mission is to empower students to promote and manage their own social, emotional, and physical health while striving to support all areas of their lives that may impact their academic potential. We provide free, confidential services while connecting students, families and staff to vital community resources. The vision is to provide a range of resources to support students and families in meeting the challenges of adolescence through prevention, early-intervention and education, in a safe and convenient place –at school. 

Our Wellness Center is designed to provide a relaxing environment where students have access to a variety of tools to utilize at school. Some items students can find at the Wellness Center are aromatherapy diffusers, art utensils, board games, brain puzzles, coloring sheets, mindfulness books, stress balls, word search sheets, zen music, as well as access to a tabletop fountain to support relaxation. 

Students can utilize the center based on a teacher’s referral or by request. In the event that a student(s) experiences emotional distress or needs a break from life’s daily stressors, students are welcome to use the Wellness Center for 10-15 min brain breaks to self-regulate.  We provide a supervised environment that is safe, calming, and inclusive.

Our center has already been serving many students and will continue to do so throughout the school year! We are so excited to be able to offer support to our students.

Upcoming Events

Self Love Activity on Wednesday 2/9

Positive Sticky Note Board from 2/16-2/18