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Scott Allen Teacher/Science Lead
Leslie Appel Biology Teacher, Science Department Lead
Antoinette Bailey Teacher
Pamela Cathcart Teacher
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Satinder Hawkins Teacher/QUEST Lead
Erin Hill Teacher
James Hutchinson (562) 425-7441 ex: 4231 Teacher- AP English Literature, Grade 12; AP English Language and Composition,
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Thomas Lind (562) 425-7441 ex: 4446 Teacher
Adam Lopez Teacher
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Tim Mulvehill Teacher/History Lead
Vilomar Navarro Teacher/Math Lead
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Amy Schwarz (562) 997-8000 ex: 4214 Teacher
Rand Summy Teacher
Lee Underwood Teacher
Nataly Villacres Teacher

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QUEST Students Visit LACMA with Ms. Bailey

On July 23rd, 2018 QUEST graduating senior Astrid Quiarte, was honored with a POSSE scholarship award to attend UC Berkeley. Astrid's  QUEST AP Literature teacher Mr. Lee Underwood attended the ceremony which took place at the POSSE Los Angeles headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. It was an amazing night, where Astrid was able to meet the other students in her cohort as well as her mentor from Cal. Astrid graduated with a 4.67, and took 11 AP exams over her high school career. She is pre-med at Cal and is considering double majoring in English. The QUEST team is very proud of her and wish her will in her pursuits.

    QUEST Congratulates Graduating Senior Astrid Quirarte on her Posse Scholarship
    QUEST Congratulates Graduating Senior to Astrid Quirarte on her Posse 

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