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PEACE 10th Grade Core Classes

Mrs. Bishop - Modern World History and AP World History


Mrs. Frapwell - English, AVID, and Tennis


Mrs. Bradfield - Biology, Anatomy, and AVID

Mr. Flores - Intro to Law and AP Psychology


Mr. Prado - English


Mrs. Turner - English and AVID



10th Grade

Service Learning Hours Due January 12th

Service Learning Opportunities


Service learning is an important aspect in the PEACE Academy.  We expect our students to take what they learn in the classroom in order to serve others in the community.  Our students are expected to complete a minimum of 115 hours by the time they graduate.  In 10th grade, students are expected to complete 30 hours (15 hours each semester) of service learning to stay on track for graduation.

Service learning logs and reflections are collected monthly by Mrs. Bishop.  There are plenty of service learning opportunities both on and off campus.  Please see School Loop for more information.

Note:  Students should have submitted 25 hours in their freshman year.  At the end of their sophomore year, they should have completed 55 hours of service learning (25 hrs +30 hrs).

Heifer International Project

The Heifer International Project is underway for the 2017-2018 school year!  Students have begun working on proposals in English and the final drafts are due December 15th.


The second wave of the project will begin in Mrs. Bishop's class during the week of December 18th.


Meanwhile, Mr. Flores will be working on public speaking skills to prepare students for presentations.

HEIFER International Project

The 10th grade students work hard to support Heifer International, a non-profit organization that fights poverty and hunger by providing farm animals and training to people around the world.  In the spring, all of our sophomores dress professionally to present their fundraising ideas in their history classes.


In July, 2014 Mrs. Bishop was invited to participate in a small group tour of Honduras to visit villages that have been supported by the non-profit organization HEIFER International. She learned about the work that Heifer does, not only in giving animals, but also providing training and support for families. Since 2010, the PEACE 10th grade classes have created fundraiser projects to support Heifer International and have donated about $4000.