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Our PEACE Academy alumni are attending, have attended or have graduated from the following colleges:

Arizona State University

Azusa Pacific University

Biola University

Brown University

Cal Poly Pomona

Clark Atlanta University

CSU Channel Island

CSU Chico

CSU Fullerton

CSU Monterey Bay

CSU Northridge

CSU San Diego

CSU San Jose

CSU San Marcos





Grand Canyon University

Hawaii University

Hope International University

Howard University

Howard University

Humboldt State University

Kansas State University

Louisiana State University


Miami University, Oxford

Mills College

Mount San Antonio

Mount St. Mary's

New Mexico Highlands

Northern Arizona State University

Shaw University


St. John's University

Syracuse University

UC Berkeley

UC Irvine

UC Riverside

UC San Diego



University of Michigan

University of New Haven

University of Santa Cruz

University of the Pacific

University of Tuskegee

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Washington State University

Michael Farrell - Lifeguard

  • PEACE, Class of 2012 
  • Major: Consumer Affairs
  • In addition to school:  Currently an ocean lifeguard
  • Professional Goal:  Firefighter/ Emergency Responder

Claire Mantes 2006


  • PEACE, Class of 2006
  • Certificate in Clinical Medical
  • Profession: Assistant Utilization Analyst at Kaiser Permanente

Melanie Gutierrez - 2013


  • PEACE, Class of 2013
  • Major:Criminal Justice
  • Professional Goal:  Law Enforcement


  • PEACE, Class of 2013
  • Long Beach City College Honors Program (hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley next Fall)
  • Major:  English Rhetoric with a Creative Writing Minor
  • Professional Goal:  High School English Teacher or Guidance Counselor

Celena Fields - 2012


  • PEACE, Class of 2012
  • Miami-Oxford University at Ohio
  • Major:  Media and Culture with a in Media Criticism
    • double Minor in Interactive Media Studies and Spanish
  • Professional Goal:  To work for a professional basketball team, or a top media entertainment company in a large metropolitan city.


  • PEACE, Class of 2014
  • Majors:  Communication and Spanish
kristi hipp 2008


I graduated from PEACE in 2008. I then spent four years at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California and earned my B.A. in Psychology. During my time at Sonoma I spent two years as both a Summer Orientation Leader and a Community Services Advisor (similar to the RA position at other colleges and universities.) Those two positions sparked my love for higher education and I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education.


After graduating from Sonoma, I spent two years at Indiana State University and earned my M.S. in Student Affairs & Higher Education this past May. During my time at ISU I held a Graduate Assistantship in the Residential Life department and served as an Assistant Hall Director in two different buildings. My first year I worked in a building with about 250 first-year students who were all studying either Nursing or Athletic Training. My second year I worked in a building with about 400 first-year students who were all studying Nursing, Athletic Training, Social Work, or other Applied Health Sciences. I also completed three practicum experiences during my time as a grad student. My first was in the Career Development Center at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (a VERY small, private, all-female Catholic institution in Terre Haute, Indiana; I believe they have about 1,500 students total.) My second was a NODA (National Orientation Directors’ Association) internship at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia (another small, private, Christian college with about 2,500 students total.) My third and final practicum was in New Student Transition Programs at ISU, where I singlehandedly re-built the institution’s International Student Orientation program from the ground up.


In June of this year I received an offer from Colorado Mesa University to work as a Residence Hall Coordinator and joyfully accepted. I now supervise the daily operation of North Avenue Hall, which is a building of approximately 280 continuing students. I supervise 8 Resident Assistants, manage moves within the building, and make sure that everything runs smoothly (among lots of other responsibilities.)


I firmly believe that PEACE Academy provided me with the foundation I needed to be successful and that I wouldn’t be where I am today—working in my chosen field 4 months out of graduate school—without the incredible students and faculty involved with PEACE. I am so thankful for the wonderful years I spent at Millikan and in the PEACE Academy and would highly recommend it to any student who wants to come out of high school a better person than they were when they started.

PEACE Alumni

Nick Pena 2010


  • PEACE, Class of 2010
  • CSULB Graduate - Health Science, BS
  • Current Profession: EMT
  • Professional Goal:  Physician Assistant
    • currently applying to Physician Assistant schools

Laura Stanton 2006

  • PEACE, Class of 2006
  • CSULB Graduate -  BS: Marine Biology
  • Currently:  Earning a Single Subject Credential in Biology; Student Teaching at Millikan
  • Professional Goal:  High School Biology teacher

Jasmyne Davis 2010


  • PEACE, Class of 2010
  • CSUF - BA in Public Administration with a Minor in Health Science
  • Professional Goal: Health Administrator

Jazmine Smith 2012

  • PEACE, Class of 2012
  • California Lutheran University Biology
  • Major:  Biology
  • Professional Goal:  Optometrist
Artie Hitchcock Photographer

Artie Hitchcock

Arthur (“Artie”) Hitchcock graduated from the PEACE Academy in 2010.  Not long after his graduation, his mother was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer and died only a month later.  At age 18, Artie now had to fend for himself (his father had died when Artie was only 2 years old).  Instead of wallowing in his grief, Artie used his photography and his sense of adventure to help him process this devastating loss and to raise money for breast cancer research.  In 2011, after months of careful planning, Artie set out on an amazing journey—he walked 4100 miles across 17 states in a period of 175 days. 


Prior to his trip, Artie collected thousands of dollars in donations to support cancer research.  During the adventure, he blogged about his experiences and shot thousands of photographs.  His arrival in several cities coincided with the massive protests of the Occupy movement that expressed anger over income inequality and injustice in American society.  Artie was moved by this cause and spoke at several Occupy protests.  He has created a mixed media gallery exhibit and is working on a documentary film about his journey. 


Artie’s experience and his photos have been featured in print, online, and television media. He now lives in the Pacific Northwest where he works as a freelance photographer.  To learn more about Artie’s story and to see his photography, check out his website at




The Gates Millennium Scholar

Ernesto Bustinza 2011

Ernesto Bustinza

My name is Ernesto Bustinza and I am from the PEACE Class of 2011. I still can't believe how fast time has gone by. It felt as if it were yesterday when I was sitting in AP World History with Ms. Warner, or reading To Kill A Mockingbird in Ms. George's class, or practicing SAT vocabulary words with Ms. McCluskey. I truly miss my high school years.
Since then, I have been on quite an adventure that I had never expected to take. I am currently a senior at UCLA, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Studies. Throughout my time at UCLA, I have had the opportunity to be a part of many organizations such as Circle K International, USAC Judicial Board, and Alpha Phi Omega.
How has the PEACE Academy contributed to where I stand today?
Firstly, the PEACE Academy helped me build my confidence and I was able to gain leadership skills along the way. I have been able to take on leadership roles within the clubs listed above. Leadership skills are one of the most important things that I was able to take with me to UCLA from high school. Looking back, I never would have imagined that I would ever be leading a club of over 280 members (Circle K). The PEACE Academy prepared me not only to succeed in a competitive academic environment but also in real-life skills such as leadership and communication skills.
Secondly, being in the PEACE Academy has led me to have an open mind and want to explore more about the world around me. Two summers ago, I had the chance to travel to Europe for the first time. I was able to visit London, Brighton, Rome, Venice, Paris, and Barcelona. In addition, this past summer I was able to study abroad in Hong Kong for about a month and a half. I took a class on Globalization and also on Business Communications/Management.
Thirdly, the PEACE Academy helped me realize that I had a passion to serve my community. As mentioned earlier, I am active in two large community service organizations on campus and last year, I was able to become a JusticeCorps intern. JusticeCorps is an AmeriCorps program, where I got placed to serve at a self-help center in Downtown Los Angeles at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. There, I was able to assist self-represented litigants fight their way to gain social access and social justice.
I currently work at an entertainment law firm in Los Angeles as a legal assistant. I am considering to enter the legal field, but as of now, I am applying to graduate school to eventually obtain a Masters in Public Policy. The PEACE Academy has definitely shaped my goals and I attribute many of my successes to the PEACE staff. The faculty is amazing and they all truly inspire me to continue striving towards my dreams and aspirations. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me!
Armani Hawes 2012

Armani Hawes

My name is Armani Hawes and I am a PEACE, Class of 2012 graduate.  Currently, I am a junior at Clark Atlanta University; I will graduate in 2016.   There, I major in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Radio, TV and Film. 

The PEACE Academy helped to prepare me for college as a result, I have, continuously, made the Dean’s List.    

Also, I am thankful to the PEACE Academy because it has helped me realize the importance of viewing the world through a global lens in our diverse world.

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Meet our alumni

Aaron Irving 2011


  • PEACE, Class of 2011
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Major: Psychology and Global Health
  • Professional Goal:  Clinical Psychologist


  • PEACE, Class of 2009
  • California Lutheran University Graduate-  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management;
  • California State University, Fullerton Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Higher Education; Expected Spring '16.
  • Profession: Interim Senior Administrative Secretary for the Executive Officer of Personnel Commission and Classified Employment at Long Beach Unified School District; and Career Center Graduate Intern at California State University, Fullerton

Samantha Burke 2011


  • PEACE, Class of 2011
  • UCSB Graduate - BA in English with an Education Minor
  • UCI - Currently enrolled in Masters of Arts in Teaching and Single Subject Credential Program
  • Professional Goal: English High School Teacher

Kristi Hipp 2008

  • PEACE, Class of 2008
  • Sonoma State University Graduate - B.A. in Psychology
  • Indiana State University Graduate - M.S. Student Affairs & Higher Education
  • Profession:  I currently work in Residential Life at Maryville University, supervising Resident Assistants, hearing conduct cases, coordinating large-scale programs, and serving as a resource and advocate for 500+ residential students as well as advising the Residential Housing Association. In Residential Life you often are called upon to do a little bit of everything!
Salvador Rosales UCLA

Salvador Rosales

Born and raised in Long Beach, California today I reside on the hills of Westwood and call the University of California, Los Angeles otherwise known as UCLA my home. It has been a tremendous achievement to have been accepted to such a prestigious university and I know that I will achieve greater things in the future. My major is Business Economics and my plan is to eventually become an investment banker on Wall Street in New York City. What’s an investment banker? They basically deal with financial deals between large companies on a much larger scale and earn over 300,000 $ for doing it. Nevertheless, I cannot take all of the credit for my present success because the PEACE academy not only prepared me academically to a new globally competitive academic environment but also allowed me to grow socially (I was very shy in my freshman year), ethically, and mentally by challenging me to think critically about myself and the world around me. Without the PEACE academy, my high school experience would have been radically different and I question if I would have gotten as far as I have today without it. Why? Because besides the remarkable friendships I made with my classmates, I also formed strong bonds with my teachers who were of incredible help to me when I applied for university and even though I no longer attend Millikan they remain a supportive group I know can count on. At first I wasn’t too sure that I had chosen the right academy, however now graduated (Class of 2014) and in university, I realize that choosing the PEACE academy was the best decision that I have made yet.


Celena Fields - Media nd Culture major


I'm currently a junior at Miami University of Oxford, OH. I'm a Media and Culture major with a focus in media criticism and a double minor in Interactive Media Studies and Spanish. Currently, I have an internship through the AIMS/Entrepreneurship Digital Innovation Center in San Fransisco where I'll be interning with a start-up or multimedia company in the Bay Area for Spring 2015. This summer I have an independent study in Gijón, Spain where I'll be filming locals and pilgrims from visiting countries for two months, and also an internship with the NBA summer League in 2015.


After graduation I want to pursue a position with a global research marketing company such as Nielsen or obtain an opportunity with any sports or entertainment company like Viacom and move to Washington, DC.


The PEACE Academy has helped me in my communication, presentation and group skills and also drove my passion for volunteering.

j smith - Biology Major


After high school, I went straight to university. I am in my third year at California Lutheran University. My major is Biology with a minor in Spanish. Currently, I work as a peer advisor, working with the incoming first year and transfer classes, helping with their transition into university life.


After I graduate from here, I plan on taking a year to do more internships and travel. Following that I plan on attending either physical therapy school or medical school.


PEACE helped me with achieving my goals by giving me the tools to be successful by helping promote my leadership skills, provide me with the skills to work with others, communicate efficiently, as well as contributing to my critical thinking skills.