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Office Staff
Mayra Aldana ex: 4111 IOA
Brenda Cassman ex: 4177 IOA
Gloria Garcia ex: 4100 School Support Secretary
Ninette Rosa ex: 4104 Lead Secretary

Millikan HS Administration


Alejandro Vega

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COMPASS: Thurman Ashley


MBA: Arinn Filer


PEACE & QUEST: Jonathan Hayes

SEGA: Daniel Yu


Admin Goals and  Objectives

A. Goals

  1. To assist in providing an organized and disciplined school climate that will enhance and support the instructional program.
  2. To provide students with the opportunity to attend school - or school related activities that are well supervised and conducted in an orderly manner.
  3. To Facilitate the attainment of al school wide academic performance goals.

B. Objectives

As administrators we will:

  1. Provide the required and necessary discipline to enforce and maintain the Districts’ education and discipline code.
  2. Hold student and parent conferences when a student is referred because of attendance or unsuitable behavior in the classroom and administer necessary discipline to cause a behavioral adjustment that will allow the student to be placed into a suitable learning environment.
  3. Communicate information discussed in administrative staff meetings with certificated and classified staff.
  4. Supervise all areas of the campus to insure and maintain proper student behavior including extracurricular activities outside the regular school day.
  5. Collect and review student achievement data and student work with teachers monthly in all curricular areas.
  6. Meet monthly with department heads on site and attend designated district-wide department meetings.
  7. Facilitate meetings of teachers, within our designated departments, to review and discuss student performance on classroom embedded assessments and other assessments to guide instructional planning.
  8. Monitor content area teaching, i.e. use of course outlines, curriculum, and standards.
  9. Ensure that quality instruction occurs in every classroom

C. End of Year Evidence

  • Meeting expected API growth targets
  • Students grow to the next quintile
  • Students achieving proficiency on all district performance standards
  • Students passing the CAHSEE
  • Decreased number of disruptive student in class, on campus, at school-wide extra curricular activities, and in the community
  • Decreased number of absentees and truants compared to last year.