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Ronald Quintana


Welcome to my Precalculus class. These are difficult times but please understand that I LOVE TEACHING and I LOVE MATH and therefore I will work with you to develop your understanding of the difficult concepts and help you fill in any mathematical gaps you might have from previous classes. With that said, you also need to work with me by studying, asking questions, and being brave enough to admit you need help and we will overcome whatever obstacles you have in math. In this class, there are no cheat sheets allowed for tests/quizzes and the tests will include the harder problems from the homework. We are learning math and not just turning in assignments to pass a class.

  1. I expect you to be appropriately dressed, your camera to be turned on and that you are actively engaged in the lesson. If I call your name and it takes you more that 5 seconds to respond, you will lose points for not being attentive. 
  2. I expect assignments to be done when they are assigned.
  3. I expect all assignments to be done by you and not someone else.
  4. You must complete tests/quizzes the date and hour they are assigned (I must be made aware of issues before the tests/quizzes if circumstances arise that prohibit you from taking a test or quiz).
    1. All tests/quizzes will be taken in the classroom once social distancing guidelines have been established and we are allowed back to class. 
    2. You will have at most 1 week to make up a test or quiz if you were absent from the classroom.
  5. I expect you to ask why! I understand this is silly but all of math has a reason why it is done a certain way and I want you to learn why. If you learned a different method than what we do in class, FANTASTIC and you may use it as long as you show me your logical steps.


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