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Ingrid Guntner

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I want to welcome you to the Visual Arts department; I am looking forward to an exciting year and having the opportunity to get to know all of you.  As an Arts educator my main concern is to assist every student with receiving the best possible education, developing skills, abilities, and personal qualities necessary for the twenty-first century. This course is designed to give students a foundation in the skills of drawing and painting. Students in this class will experiment with several different types of drawing media and explore the possibilities of drawing and painting as a means of expressing their own creative ideas. 

The majority of this course consists of production (creating artwork). In addition, students will explore the history and criticism of art, and will be provided with opportunities to learn the “language of art” though vocabulary exercises , active group experiences, written responses, class discussions on art philosophy, visual criticism, and analysis. This Drawing and Painting course is aligned with the California State Content Standards and meets the Fine Arts A-G requirement for graduation.



Ms. G with the most famous sculpture in the world!
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