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Tim Mulvehill

History Department / Quest Academy

Robert A. Millikan High School

2800 Snowden Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90815

Tim Mulvehill Locker

Tim Mulvehill

World History

World History is an academic discipline that has evolved significantly over the last half century, and in recent years has attempted to explain the foundations of the globalized world of the twenty-first century. Beginning in the 1950's, scholars such as William McNeil developed a new approach to studying the past.  McNeil's seminal book, The Rise of the West, sought to explain world historical developments as a process of cross-cultural interactions.  Rather than viewing the past through a largely western lens, McNeil and subsequent world historians attempted to analyze the global past as a series of encounters between traders, migrants and states.  These historians showed that such encounters resulted in the movement of goods, ideas and biological entities around the globe, linking human societies in profound ways.  Yet, despite its emphasis on the human similarities derived from cross-cultural interaction, the "new world history" is equally interested in the unique ways in which human peoples have developed over time.  It is this fascination with human similarities and differences, as well as historical changes and continuities, that informs my teaching of world history.