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Support the Success of Long Beach's Social Work
Posted 6/7/19 is dedicated to bringing current and future social workers the most relevant resources in the field by hosting a wide array of curated academic, career, licensure and college planning guides. 
A strong community is built with effort from each constituent. But it always begins with a single individual – and California’s social workers play a large part in this fundamental role. The Bureau of Labor’s growth projection of over 100,000 social workers by 2026 is proof this role is taken seriously by many young professionals who are looking to make a positive impact in their communities.
In order to foster these students and social workers, has developed open-use resources to a career in social work – including a career specializations guide, California degree guide, and a general master’s degree guide. Long Beach’s professional and academic communities will benefit greatly from the scholarships, certification information, and social work organization resources detailed inside.
Take a look at our guides here:
Guide to Careers in Social Work -
Guide to Social Work Degrees in California -
Guide to a Master's Degree in Social Work -

These materials can jumpstart the careers of many students, but we’ll need to begin with the help of individuals. For more information visit