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Mark Pearson

When Can I Come In To Work?

Before School: 7am-7:30am

During Lunch: Every day

After School Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (until 4pm)

Thank you

Learn to Type...Get Extra Credit!!!

Don't feel like you're a great typist yet and dread having to type papers for school? Well worry no's a way you can learn to get things done faster, be more efficient and earn extra credit at the same time! Click the link below to add yourself to the appropriate class and every lesson you complete will earn you some extra credit points! Use it to pad a grade to make sure it doesn't slip before the next grading period!!! If you're not in my class but still want to learn to type you can join too. Just add yourself to the Rad class because you're just that want to learn to type and you're doing it on your own!

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Period 3:

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Period 7:

Period 8: