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The PEACE Academy is a leadership, social justice, law and government community that prepares critical thinking, community-minded, college and career ready students to impact their world through an integrated curriculum and real-world experiences.

why should i pick peace?

  • You are compassionate, caring and conscientious

  • You wish to advocate on social justice issues and inequities in society and work to bring about change

  • You are a leader, and a collaborator

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Legal and Government Service Pathway

Using Law and Government to be Advocates of Social Justice and Equity


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10th Grade PEACE Heifer International Finalists
10th Grade PEACE Heifer International Finalists

PEACE Ten Graders from Mrs. Frapwell's Class Present to LB Education Foundation Board of Directors

Story by Elle Simon (Current 11th grader)


     For my sophomore year PEACE class we were given the task to create a fundraiser that would make money to donate to the Heifer Foundation. The goal and purpose of this foundation is to empower families and communities and to take them out of hunger and poverty.  The money donated provides families all over the world livestock in which goes beyond the original gift by giving them the training to sustain themselves as well on how to use those animals to their advantage by selling and trading goods. This creates a ripple effect on the family, community and the world.


     After making over $2000 dollars in T-shirt sales we were told that we were not able to donate this money to Heifer International and was to be used for school purposes and the Long Beach community. Our PEACE faculty and my team were very confused by this because in our program, it’s to serve the community and to donate your time serving others. We quickly arranged a meeting with the Long Beach Education Foundation Board of Directors to try and convince them of how meaningful of a project this was to us as well as to these families. We wanted to show them that we could go beyond helping Long Beach communities and touch the lives of people on the other side of the world or people across the United States. Our team of five students very quickly persuaded them by sharing how it impacted our lives and how passionate we had become over the course and time we put into the project.


     I am so glad to have been able to be apart of such an amazing group of people that pushed through many drawbacks to reach such an achievement. The Heifer Project made me realize how much more involved I want to be in helping others not for just the grade but to see how you can have an impact even just a few lives. Even talking to the Board of Directors helped me to become a better public speaker and to have more confidence when it comes to things I’m passionate about.

Intro to Law Students Visit Loyola Marymount Law School
Into to Law Students Visit Loyola Marymount Law School
Loyola Law Scchool trip

The field trip to Loyola Law School taught me a lot about what it’s like to be in the field of law.  Hearing from professors and current students was extremely informative.  Being able to speak with law students made me really think a lot about what it could be like for me to pursue my interests in law.  Hearing from the admissions department helped me learn about the entrance requirements of law school and how to better my chances of being accepted into law school.  


The professors were very encouraging.  They explained in detail how everyone had the ability to go to law school. Even though law school might seem out of reach for many people, they stressed that motivation is a key to success.  We were asked questions about court cases and were questioned about our answers, even if we were right.  They simulated what it would be like to be questioned by a judge and be a trial attorney.  Everything is questioned in court.


I absolutely loved seeing the actual environment of what law school could look like.  This was a very interesting experience. While I’ve visited multiple college campuses before, I’d never been to a law school.  It really gave me a feel of what it would be like to study in a situation like that.  I loved getting to talk with some of the students currently attending the school, because they answered in great detail some questions I personally wanted to have answered.  What was very beneficial was when they explained their own personal struggles but how they’d been able to overcome the obstacles and learn from them.  I was able to relate that to what I struggle most with in school now, and foresee what struggles lay ahead.  Overall I found this field trip to be very interesting and informative so I'm very glad I went, as I got a lot out of it, and I could tell other students did as well.


Written by a current Into to Law Student N.L.

PEACE Senior Chloe Robinson Breaks Gender Roles
PEACE Senior Chloe Robinson Breaks Gender Roles

Story by Sara Steichen of the Corydon Newspaper:


Despite recent changes to improve gender riles, football is still widely known as a male-dominated sport.  Nonetheless, women are still making a name for themselves on the field. 


Chloe Robinson is a PEACE senior who began her high school career @ Millikan playing soccer.  She was unstoppable when it came to corner and free kicks, so she decided to put her talents toward something new.  "I've always loved kicking a ball around," says Robinson.


It is safe to say that Millikan student body is very happy she made that decision.  She became the first female football player for Millikan to score a point on Wednesday, August 30th @ the first game of the season.


Robinson is on the first string of kickers for the junior varsity, and second string for varsity.  She mentioned that she enjoys playing for both teams.  She is also now training as a running back.


"Like having a transgender prom queen last year having people break barriers in any capacity sends a great message," says Principal Michael Navia, regarding Chloe Robinson's success.


When Robinson was asked if she feels this will change the culture of Millikan, she said that she would be pleased if it did, however she added, "I just did it for myself."


Navia wonders if Robinson, as a member of the team, feels like she has "fifty older brothers."



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What is PEACE?

Personal success through Empowerment,

Academic achievement, 

Conflict resolution, and

Ethics in action.

What is Linked Learning?

Linked Learning certification means that our PEACE students are prepared for career and college pathways. PEACE students who graduate from a Linked Learning accredited program, such as PEACE, have demonstrated that they have successfully completed rigorous A-G requirement course work as well as mastered technical skills to help them be successful in both academia and real-world work experience.

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10th Grade Students Present Their Heifer International Project
Heifer international Project Team
PEACE Students Volunteering @ the Long Beach Rescue Mission
Volunteering at the rescue mission
Juniors Volunteer with the Women's Shelter of Long Beach
Juniors Volunteer with the Women's Shelter of Long Beach
PEACE Teachers Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research
PEACE Teachers Raise Money for Breast Cancer
Peace Team Building Exercise
Peace Team buidling Photo
Intro to Law Students Visit Loyola Marymount Law School
Peace Students Loyola Law School Picture
Peace Students Participate in Dr. King Rally in LB
Peace Students King Rally Photo
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Peace Academy Linked learning Certification

Peace Linked Learning Plaque

ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career honored the PEACE Academy with Linked Learning Certification.  They state that the PEACE Academy "prepares students for college and career through a high-quality pathway that engages students in challenging academic and technical learning."

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