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Millikan Business Academy

Why should I Choose MBA?

  1. You are resourceful and ambitious

  2. You have leadership qualities and appreciate the value of teamwork

  3. You are interested in business, trade, entrepreneurship, finance and possibly owning your own business

Welcome to mba 2020-2021

Dear MBA Parents and Students:

I am proud to be a part of the Millikan Business Academy program and can’t wait to share some of the exciting opportunities available to you!

MBA offers courses such as graphic design, marketing, and a capstone Virtual Enterprise class to explore, build skills, and gain experience from the business world. There are also options for both parents and students to network within the community. We have clubs that are sponsored by MBA teachers, such as the MBA Club and Finance Club that offer field trips and fundraising experience, and parents are also encouraged to be active in our MBA Parent Committee to give a voice to our families in MBA. 

On behalf of the MBA Family, we are honored to have the privilege to pave the way for your child's academic, professional and personal successes in their future endeavors: college, military, trade school, or the workforce. 

Ms. Midori Sanchez
MBA Lead Teacher

MBA COurse of Study

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MBA Mission & Vision

Develop learners who are problem solvers, independent thinkers and leaders with the essential soft skills for success in business careers or college programs.

MBA Students at Lunch Celebration

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Lead Teacher:

Midori Sanchez


Pathway Coordinator:

Stephanie Heilig


Instagram: @millikan_mba
Twitter: @MillikanMBA

MBA Students at Lunch Celebration
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