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Community of Musicians, Performers, Artists, and Social Scientists

The COMPASS Mission

Developing students into community-minded artists and social scientists using the arts as a vehicle to develop capacity for creative expression while adopting a sociological perspective allowing them to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

the compass vision

The COMPASS program is designed to help college-bound students find direction in their lives as scholars, creative individuals, and compassionate members of society.

Why should i pick Compass?

  • You have a love and appreciation for the arts

  • You like to think outside the box

  • You are passionate about your interests and hobbies

  • You want a learning environment that is rigorous and challenging while being accepting and diverse

compass course of study

Compass Course of study 1
Compass Course of study 2
3D Art


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Program Details

For specific inquiries, please contact our lead teacher, 

Yael Karni


Pathway Coordinator:

Stephanie Heilig

Online resource for dealing with stress and anxiety.

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