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Save the Date and Join us for our Annual QUEST Senior Night, April 17, 2019

Save the Date: QUEST Board Evaluations, June 3-5, 2019

If you are interested in helping us by becoming an evaluator, please contact Mr. Lind or Dr. Hawkins.

Looking for Mentors for Our Seniors!

QUEST Senior Project is always looking for adults to serve as mentors.  Our students are motivated learners who are tired of laboratory work and want to get out in the world and do something that is real.  You can help connect a Millikan QUESTie with his/her dreams (!) by serving as a mentor on a QUEST Senior Project.   Mentors typically, but not always, spend around 20 hours with the student through in-person or online communication.  A mentor's task includes helping the student learn necessary skills to complete their work, reviewing the work and advising the student on how to proceed, as well as helping get the student into a workplace that reflects their project work so he/she can study the daily tasks of a career.   Mentoring a QUESTie on their Senior Project journey is a wonderful way to engage our academic community and help deliver real-world instruction to the people who are going to be running things in a few years.  Please contact Thomas Lind or Satinder Hawkins if interested.  

Key Deadlines

  • Quarterly Calendar Checks

  • Project Proposal:  September 13, 14, 15

  • Research Paper:  annotated bibliographies and 8 note cards:  Oct. 12/13

  • Research paper thesis statement: Oct. 19

  • RP outline + 16 note cards: Oct. 27

  • Project Commitment Speech:  Oct 30-Nov 3

  • Research Paper draft one: Nov 16

  • Research Paper draft two:  Dec. 8

  • Research Paper speeches:  Dec. 11-21

  • Research Paper due:  Dec. 18

  • Proof of Venue Booking:  by December 20/21

  • Prove-It/20 hours: Jan 8-Jan 19

  • Career Report Powerpoint Presentation (semester final):  January 17 - 25

  • Progress Report Powerpoint Presentation:  March 5 - March 16

  • Physical Product:  March 29

  • QSPN Presentation Board blueprint and text:  March 29

  • Portfolio:  April 11/12

  • Senior Project Night:  Wednesday, April 18

  • Senior Project Board Evaluations:  Monday -Wednesday, June 4, 5, 6

QUEST Senior Project

Information for Parents of QUEST Senior Project Students, September 26, 2018

A special meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on September 26 in the library to provide parents information on their students QUEST Senior Project Class. Mr. Tom Lind, QSP Teacher, will be presenting key dates as well as the process students go through and the course requirements. Please join us if you have a student in QSP this year.

Chaya Pearl, Providing Help for Domestic Violence Victims
Chaya Pearl, Providing Help for Domestic Violence Victims

My senior project is based around recovery from domestic violence. I have decided to compose a book on steps one should take if they are victims of domestic abuse. Sadly I do not have any pictures of me actually working on my project because it is just me typing and I can not take pictures with my mentor because of confidentiality agreement. However, I have attached the pages that I have completed (I am almost done). This project has pushed me to placed I have never been before.  I feel that this experience has better prepared me for my future in my desired career in psychology. 

Javier Esparza, Designing a Brand
Javier Esparza, Designing a Brand

For my QSP, I created my own clothing company. I had to create my own design and order t-shirts from a website to make this happen. My mentor, Carlos Cruz had the rest of the materials needed to make the t-shirts which made my budget much smaller. From here, I am making my own clothing and promoting it through social media. I go out with my friends wearing the final products to take quality pictures for the social media account to look professional. Here's the link of the clothing brand if you guys are interested : All Ambitious Apparel

Rebecca Remple, Working with Homeless Children
Rebecca Remple, Working with Homeless Children

After volunteering with homeless children at Precious Lamb Preschool, I decided to design a lesson on health for them.  This lesson took the form of a picture book, which I wrote and illustrated, titled The Adventures of Dr. FairyDr. Fairy delivers its vital contents in the form of a colorful story full of whimsical creatures.  My presentation at Precious Lamb is scheduled for later this month, but I have had the pleasure of reading it to the children at my mentor's daycare, which is pictured above.

Katherine Moy, Breaking a Horse
Katherine Moy

For my QSP I decided to break a horse, which is the process of training a horse to that it can be ridden. I go through intensive ground training with Symphony, such as lunging which is getting her to follow vocal commands while going in a circle. I was the first person to ever get on Symphony, and by the end of this project I hope to be able to ride alone in complete control.

Sly Pellas, Photography
Sly Pellas, Photography
Sly Pellas 4

For my senior project, I'm taking portrait photos of people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. I'm editing my photos to make it look like a magazine cover because I want to encourage the importance of diversity in the media. 

Courtney Campuzano, Bee-Keeper
Courtney Campuzano, Bee-Keeper

For my QUEST Senior Project, I brought a beehive into my backyard and became part of the urban beekeeping community. My final product is the physical beehive itself, but to make it work, I had to find some bees to put into the hive. I started my project early when I safely removed a swarm from my cousin's backyard. The bees then were taken from Long Beach to my backyard in Los Alamitos, and have been thriving since. For my research topic, I explored the recent trend of urban beekeeping, the ecological importance of bees, and beekeeping as a career. 

Javier Arroyo, Creating Fishing Rods and Lures
Javier Arroyo

For my QSP project, I am creating my own fishing rods along with my own artificial lures. My mentor owns a fishing shop in Carson, CA called 'Island Fishing Tackle'. At his shop, he has helped me create my rod using the right products and techniques. I am making the artificial lures at home using plastisol and rubber molds. I am also giving lesson of fishing to local kids in my neighborhood and students who attend Newcomb Academy. The lessons I am teaching include: how to tie a knot, how to set a hook, and how to handle a fish when caught. Along with this, I have also set a personal goal of catching 50 fish by spring break.

Astrid Quirarte, International Surgery to Help Children
Astrid Quirarte

For my physical product I traveled to Guatemala with the organization Mending Kids International to scrub in and observe pediatric otolaryngological surgeries, surgeries that focus on the ears, nose, and throat. As shown in my images, I had the opportunity to scrub in as the surgical technician for Tonsillectomies and Adenoidectomies, procedures that involve the removal of the tonsils and adenoids. When scrubbed in, the lead surgeon took her time to teach me the anatomical and physiological understanding of the procedure. I scrubbed in and observed ninety-four surgeries in a matter of five days. 

Andrew McConnell, Athletic Trainer Intern
Andrew McConnell, Athletic Trainer Intern

For my QSP project I am interning with the Long Beach State Strength and Conditioning coaches and with Millikan's athletic trainer. Here I am taping an athletes wrist before a game. Before football games I help tape up the players to prevent them from getting injured.

Sunhu Park, Hospital Job Shadow
Sunhu Park, Hospital Job Shadow

For my Quest Senior Project, I am part of a program called Junior Health Scholar at St. Mary’s Hospital. I job shadow in a hospital setting and see various medical professionals handle tasks. Also I am allowed to help certain patients and make their stay at the hospital more comfortable.

Sophie Pay, Running a Music Blog
Sophie Pay, Running a Music Blog

For my QSP I am running a music blog, where I write album reviews, show reviews, do interviews with bands from around the world, and promote music from independent bands. I also keep in contact with independent music labels, who send me songs and press releases to upcoming album releases. You can find my music blog at if you are interested in checking it out.