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What are the Service Learning Requirements?

Students in QUEST are asked to complete 10 hours of community service each year, for a total of 40 hours. In addition to the intrinsic benefits of serving one's community, the service learning hours provide a way for students to stand out on their college applications. Many junior and senior teachers who write students college letters of recommendations use the service learning experiences as a way to personalize and strengthen the letters.


Hours can be earned volunteering for various organizations and even on campus by helping organize various activities. For example, students in QUEST Ambassadors earn service hours for helping with events such as the annual football tailgate, shadow day,  and Millikan Site Night.  


Students who complete over 500 hours will receive special recognition medals and stoles.

QUEST Service Learning Information Page

Service Learning Logs

It is suggested that students complete 10 hours each year, to reach the 40 hour minimum requirement.

Please access your graduating year's google form to input your service learning through your QUEST Canvas tile.

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