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Visit us at our Informational Sessions:

Saturday, October 13, LBCC (PCC)                    9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Saturday, October 27, LBCC (LAC)                    9:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Wednesday, December 5 at Millikan                          6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Why Choose QUEST? Info for Prospective Students and Their Families

Why Choose QUEST?

In order to apply for admission to QUEST, students must have

  • a minimum 3.6 GPA from sixth and seventh grade
  • ELA SBAC Score of 2550 or higher
  • and be enrolled in Algebra in middle school.

QUEST is an established community of highly motivated, advanced, and gifted college-bound students. The rigorous curriculum includes accelerated, honors and five required Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The mission of QUEST is to provide a course of study which will engage, motivate, and prepare students for the competitive admissions standards of the UC system and other top universities throughout the nation. QUEST students are also active participants in a variety of extra and co-curricular campus activities which include sports, the arts, and student government. Unique opportunities include interdisciplinary field trips, college tours, and a Senior Project class. Each year QUEST graduates are accepted to universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, MIT, Stanford, West Point, USC, UCLA, and Berkeley. Annually many graduates of QUEST receive acceptance letters from numerous UC schools. 


Prospective students must commit to a four-year program of accelerated and Advanced Placement classes. They should be keyboard literate before the beginning of their freshman year and be prepared to participate in summer assignments. In addition, their parents must commit to working with their students (i.e. homework) for a minimum of eighteen hours per semester.

Admission will be based on:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.6
  • ELA SBAC score of 2550 or higher
  • Enrolled in Algebra 1 during the eighth grade year
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Shadow Day FAQs

If you received a spot for our shadow day, an e-mail was sent out with information and logistics. Below are a few of the main points from the e-mail.

Shadow Day: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What time should we arrive?

7:15 AM (to allow time to find assigned shadow). Our school day officially begins at 7:50 AM.

What time should I pick up my child?

2:40 PM and please keep in mind that there is a lot of traffic during this time.

Does my 8th grader need to wear a uniform?

Our school uniform is navy blue or khaki bottoms and white, or navy blue tops (can be t-shirts and don’t need to be collared). As much as possible (without going out and buying new clothes), please have your child adhere to these guidelines.

Will my 8th grader get lunch?

Student breakfasts are $2.25 and student lunches are $3.00. Students not enrolled in LBUSD will pay the adult price for breakfast ($3.25) and lunch ($4.25). If your child is enrolled in the district, our cafeteria staff will be able to look them up and they will pay what they normally do at their middle school.  Our lunch lines can be very crowded, so you may also consider sending your child with a sack lunch.

Do I need to stay in the morning?

When you drop off your son or daughter, you are invited to attend an optional and brief tour of QUEST classrooms. If you choose to join us, go to the auditorium after your child checks in and has gotten connected to their shadow. 

Who We Are

An Engaged and Motivated Student Group

A Dedicated and Highly Accomplished Teaching Team

A Supportive and Involved Parent Community

  • QUEST is an established, diverse, community of bright and motivated students
  • A pathway of five Advanced Placement classes
  • Students take an average of about 9 Advanced Placement classes
  • Overnight field trips to enrich curriculum
  • GATE Certified and trained faculty
  • UC approved elective Senior Project class
  • QUEST graduates attend and earn scholarships to top universities such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cornell, West Point, MIT, Stanford, USC, Columbia, Harvard, and Duke