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Orch-a-Band Boosters

Orch-a-Band Boosters

What is Orch-a-Band?

Orch-a-Band – A shortened term meaning Orchestra and Band – is a fully credited 501C non-profit volunteer organization.  The group’s purpose is to encourage and support all of the performance groups within the Millikan Instrumental Music Department. 


What is the Necessity and Function of Orch-a-Band?

Each of the performance groups in the Instrumental Music Department involve large numbers of students and the sizes of the groups are increasing each year.  The logistics in transportation and communication alone would be extremely challenging for the teachers and staff without the assistance of such a parents/friends volunteer organization. Orch-a-Band volunteers perform a number of tasks including leadership of events, transportation of instruments, chaperone students, repair and maintenance of equipment and apparel, fundraisers, communications to both parents and students, and offer any other types of support requested by the teachers, staff and students.



When are the Meetings and How Can You Be Involved?

Meetings are usually held the first week of each month, but the actual date may vary.  These meetings are very informative.  You will receive updates from the directors and board members, a heads-up on upcoming activities and events, and allowing you to provide input to matters which could affect all students in the various ensembles.  Your student will receive a schedule of events for their individual group which will contain the days and dates for the Orch-a-Band meetings.

Parents and Friends are encouraged to sign up as a volunteer for the numerous music events on  All assistance is greatly appreciated by the teachers, staff and music students.


How to Find Out the Latest News?

Follow OrchaBand on Facebook for the latest news and information, a great gathering place to allow parents, friends and students to share photos and video.


Orch-a-band  on Facebook