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Male Academy coordinator

Kyle Heinrich Teacher/ Dean of Students / Technology Coordinator / Male Academy

Male Academy


The mission of the Millikan High School Male Academy is to improve the graduation rate of underrepresented promising male students and to encourage lifelong learning by preparing them for college and career options. This program seeks to address the physical, social, and emotional issues facing these students.

The initial year of the Millikan High School Male Academy is a continual work in progress as the program develops and seeks to identify those variables that will help attain the goals and objectives of the Mission.  It is very clear that we must continue to develop a structured program that will monitor, provide interventions, develop character, exposure, etc. so that all students graduate from high school and become productive citizens in the 21st century.


GroupWe believe our Male Academy program will help our students meet the goals and objectives set forth by empowering them through academic, cultural, and historical components.  In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with a clear view of our program as it continues to develop into an effective support system that seeks to increase student achievement and awareness via several established factors.  Again, we believe our Millikan Male Academy program is a continual work in progress that has the ability to be a change agent when an approach has been identified as being ineffective.

Millikan’s Male Academy program is a regular class that is built into the master schedule.  The students meet every other day during block one, from 7:45 am to 9:13 am.  We have identified an effective classroom teacher who possesses the necessary skill set to administer various teaching strategies that are effective.  The class is listed as a Study Skills course, which is an approved district course of study.


The academic component of the program focuses on various learning strategies that help increase student achievement.  Millikan’s students are exposed to a number of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) strategies that help increase student performance.  Some of the strategies taught are Cornell Note taking, time management, peer tutoring, test taking tips, effective studying environments, etc.  Our classroom instructor also brings in various outside techniques and tools on Self Esteem building and Self Discovery which are key components of student growth, learning, and achievement.  Millikan has incorporated various excursions to the Career Center to start students thinking about college and career choices, and what preparation is needed to secure college entrance and or job placement in the career field of a student’s choice.  Guest speakers have been utilized to share their personal experiences with students in the Male Academy.  These speakers have been motivational and informative conduits for Millikan’s Male Academy students. Male Academy students are monitored on a bi-weekly basis, by submitting a grade check sheet, to ensure students are on target to graduate.  If student happens to need assistance in a class or classes, the student is aligned with an effective intervention component to assist in the area of need for that particular student. 


Millikan Male Academy students have participated in several activities that have helped to expose them to cultural and historical components in their lives.  The students have participated in the following activities:



1) UCLA “I’m Going To College” Fair and Football Game

A) The activity was designed to expose students to college, and help develop their interest in post-secondary education.

2) CSULB “College Informational Workshop, Roundtable, and Campus Tour”

A) The activity was designed to expose students to vocational trainings, colleges, and careers.  

3) Dr. Shelby T. Wyatt and The Brotherhood of Kenwood Academy High School

A) The activity was designed to expose students to leadership and community involvement.

4) Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade

A) The activity was designed to expose students to historical importance, and the value of community involvement.

5) Students will journey to the Museum of Tolerance, Museum of Latin American Art, and Museum of African American History.  These field trips are designed to expose and increase students to historical and cultural perspectives. 

At the end of the school year, Millikan’s Male Academy adult leadership team will analyze data and acquire feedback from Male Academy students to see how effective the program was in its initial pilot year.  As a change agent, Millikan will adjust its program to meet the needs of its students in the areas that will ultimately increase the effectiveness of its students, as they continue to increase their achievement, learning, and citizenry!



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