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Honor Code


Millikan High School Academic Honor Code and Scholar's Pledge

As a student at Millikan High School, I understand that I am responsible for my own learning and behavior. I also know the scholarly traits which will lead to college and career success.

______Scholarly traits leading to academic success include, but are not limited to:

·       Goal Oriented – have goals and strive to reach them

·       Perseverance – don’t give up

·       Pride – take pride in the quality of my work

·       Curiosity – have questions and seek answers

·       Resourcefulness – use a variety of resources and references

·       Organization – have a system to organize and collect new ideas

·       Academic Integrity –  honesty in all learning tasks

______In addition, I know the unethical behaviors of cheating and plagiarism damage my chances for success and also impact the success of others and therefore are Not tolerated.

______I understand plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

·       Failing to provide proper credit and citations when

1.     copying another person’s actual spoken or written words

2.     using another person’s idea, opinion, or theory

3.     using  facts, statistics, graphs, drawings, and pieces of information  that are not common knowledge

4.     paraphrasing another person’s spoken or written words

·       Downloading papers or excerpts from a website and turning them in as your own

______Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Copying, stealing, borrowing, or turning in as one’s own, the work of another student
  • Loaning your work to another student to help him/her complete an assignment
  • Collaborating on assignments without instructor’s permission and submitting as your own work
  • Cheat sheets, sharing answers with others, and looking around for answers while taking a test
  • Getting or giving questions to other students in another period to help with a test
  • Purchasing , downloading  or copying software programs, documents, graphic designs, papers, assignments, tests,  or answer keys  from the Internet to complete any part of an assignment
  • Copying or taking pictures of  tests, test questions or answers and posting on internet websites like Facebook or sharing test information in any public forum
  • Multiple submission or using work previously submitted for course credit at Millikan or any other school even if it is revised or altered

______I understand the consequences for plagiarism and cheating listed below, and know incidents carry over from year to year.

1st Incident – teacher contacts home, teacher referral to administrator, administrator notes incident in student discipline file, 3 demerits assigned, “0” on assignment, may receive a “U” for the semester.

2nd Incident – administrative referral, 3-day suspension, administrator records incident in student discipline records, “0” on assignment, will receive a “U” for the semester.

3rd Incident– administrative referral, R.I.A./Placement.

______Finally, I realize my scholarship, academic honor, and integrity is an important part of all future endeavors and the consequences of my actions may also result in the loss of scholarships, recommendations, and college admissions as well as internships and job opportunities.                                                                                                       

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