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The academic departments at Millikan offer a wide range of rigorous course work. Most classes meet one of the A-G requirements and all classes prepare students for college and career. 

Department Heads
Scott Allen Teacher/Science Dept. Head
Leslie Appel Biology Teacher, Science Dept. Head
Antoinette Bailey Teacher/Art Dept. Head
Ashleigh Ferguson Teacher/Math Dept. Head
Amanda Frost Teacher History/Social Science Dept. Head
Loretta George (562) 425-7441 ex: 4276 PEACE Academy, 9th Grade English; AVID, Female Leadership Academy, English Dep
Carolyn Glose COMPASS Lead / English Teacher /English Dept. Head
Leslie Gombrich Teacher/PEACE Lead and History/Social Science Dept Head
Jack Hobusch Teacher/Library Dept. Head
Gray Lange III Teacher/ World Languages Dept. Head
Claudia Lopez Gastelum Teacher/ Special Education Dept. Head
Lorene Morgan Teacher/Physical Education Dept. Head/ Athletic Director
Vilomar Navarro Teacher/Math Dept. Head
Julie Simpson Teacher/ Special Education Dept. Head
Carri Valdez (562) 425-7441 ex: 4418 CTE Dept. Head
Drake York Teacher Visual/Performing Arts/ Performing Arts Dept. Head