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Concert Band

Concert Band is an entry-level/intermediate performance class for students experienced in playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instruments.  It is designed to develop both playing and performance skills for the student musician. The course may be taken in both the fall and spring semesters with a minimum of two performances per semester. 

Eligibility: This is a non-audition class, however students must have prior musical instrument experience at the middle school or equivalent level.  No beginners, meaning students without any type of prior musical training, will be accepted.



Symphonic Winds

Symphonic Winds is an advanced performance wind ensemble class for students with advanced experience in playing a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. It is designed to offer an enriched learning and performance atmosphere to test and expand the technical skills for student musicians.  The course may be taken in both the fall and spring semesters.  There are numerous performance opportunities during each semester which can include concerts, festivals, and competitions both locally and other locations throughout Southern California. 

Eligibility:  This class is by audition only (typically late April/early May). Although the majority of students are Juniors and Seniors, experienced Freshmen and Sophomores are highly encouraged to audition for placement in this outstanding group. 


Winter Percussion Ensemble

Winter Percussion ensemble is a competitive music ensemble consisting of only percussion instruments.  The marching percussion move from the field to the gym.  Music is written exclusively for this ensemble and allows all the members to be showcased on a variety of instruments.

Eligibility: Auditions take place in December.  Please contact director, Rudolf Picanco for more information.