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2020-2021 Attendance Policy and Procedures



Millikan High School


Our goal is to provide Millikan High School students with a sound academic foundation that will prepare them for success in their post-secondary years. Regular and punctual attendance is essential for this to occur. Students are expected to have good attendance and to be in class on time unless they have a valid excuse. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s attendance on ParentVUE.

If the student was unable to connect to Canvas, internet, device, Zoom Link didn't work, power outage, other technical difficulties or  attended the wrong class or period, student must email the teacher for correction. 

  • Clearing absences – Attendance Corrections Form are due within FIVE DAYS. Attendance will be cleared within 5 days from when the online form was submitted to the attendance office. Please see the LBUSD Attendance Policy for more information. If you are unable to fill out the online attendance form, please contact your attendance clerk. 

Click Here to Clear an Absence


  • Excused absences (Per EC 48205):

    • Illness (doctor verification required after three consecutive days)

    • Medical or dental appointment (doctor verification required)

    • Funeral service for immediate family member (limit one day within state of California, three days out of state)

  • Unexcused absences including but not limited to:

    • DMV

    • Babysitting

    • Illness/doctor appointment other than student’s

    • Family emergency

    • Vacation

    • Out of town

    • Transportation

Steps for Clearing Questionable Absences 

  1. Go to ParentVue to find dates/periods of absences

  2. Discuss any questionable absences with your student

  3. Have your student speak/email their teacher about any questionable absences

    • If the teacher agrees that there was an error, the teacher will submit a correction form to the attendance office. This will allow the attendance clerks to remove the error.

    • If the teacher does not agree, the absence will remain.

  4. After completing steps 1-3, if there are still discrepancies, contact the attendance office.

Revised September 2020

Attendance Clerks

Linda Johnson ex: 4545 Attendance Clerk (Student Names A-L)
Elisabet Villarruel-Cortez ex: 4109 Attendance Clerk (Student Names M-Z)