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Marching Band & Colorguard

Marching Band & Colorguard


Marching BandMar Band drums11.jpg


Marching Band and Colorguard is an advanced performance ensemble class that combines musical performance and precision movement in a team atmosphere and spirit.  Although the majority of the Marching Band members play woodwind, brass or percussion instruments, modern field shows are an outdoor theatrical experience and may include a great variety of musical instruments and sound effects specialists depending on the type of field show for that season. 

Marching Band is a fall semester class only, with a couple of activities in January & February.  During the fall, the Marching Band and Colorguard play at all home football games, school rallies, and various community events, as well as competing in field show tournaments throughout Southern California.  In January and February, the Marching Band also participates as the basketball Pep Band.  The Colorguard has its own competitive and performance season called “Winterguard.”  Students participating in this course can also receive Physical Education credit for the Fall Semester only.

Eligibility Marching Band:  This class is by AUDITION ONLY with permission from the instructor required for admittance.  Marching Band is open to all four grade levels of students.  Incoming 9th grade students can audition mid-May (his/her Middle school teachers will have information in April) and current Millikan students will audition at the end of the 2nd semester.  It is required for students have prior musical instrument experience at the middle school or equivalent level. No beginners, meaning students without any type of prior musical training, will be accepted.


Click HERE for more information on the Millikan Instrumental Music Website


ColorguardMar Band Mix056.jpg

Colorguard is a performance auxiliary group that performs with the Marching Band in field show performances in the Fall semester.  The Colorguard displays the visual interpretation of the music being played by the band. 

Colorguard utilizes movement and dance with the accompaniment of equipment such as flags, rifles, sabers, or other pieces to express the dynamic passages in the music and enhance the overall visual effect of the Marching Band. The members of Colorguard develop skills for broad dance movement performance in a large football field sized space as well as technical skills in the ability to spin, toss, catch and otherwise manipulate various hand props during the course of the performance.

The Colorguard component of the field show is a powerful display of color and effect which always adds substantially to the total performance and impact on the audience.  Students participating in this course can also receive Physical Education credit.  Should the student try out and make Winterguard, they will also receive PE credit for the Spring semester as well.



Once the fall field show season has completed, the Colorguard competes indoors and is known as Winterguard during the Spring Semester.  The skills and movements are similar to outdoor Colorguard, except the performances are held indoors on a gymnasium floor throughout the Winter season.  The marching band music is usually replaced with contemporary music recordings. 

The use of the smaller, more intimate space of a basketball court changes the dynamics of the Winterguard presentations.  Now the choreography can become more detailed and elaborate, the movements finer, tighter, more refined as the performers are unhindered by weather in an enclosed space.  This allows the members to learn and showcase more advanced techniques in movement, dance and equipment handling skills.

Eligibility Colorguard:  This group is by TRY-OUT ONLY with permission from the instructor required for admittance.  Try-outs occur in May each year.  Middle schools will receive information around mid-April.